Rajinikanth connects to Japan

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Superstar Rajinikanth who has a phenomenal fan following in Japan may visit the tsunami-ravaged country soon. At a meeting organised by Indo-Japan chamber of commerce, Rajini spoke about what he described as “the wonderful bouncing back quality of the Japanese.”


“But how many times can they do it?” he wondered. Rajini acquired his fan following in Japan post `Muthu’, whch was a superhit in the land of the Rising Sun. 


Rajini also spoke about people who were reportedly waiting to pay their bills and ran out of the building when it shook. “But the same people returned after it was over, stood in the line and paid the money.”


Rajini added, “ A ticket collector who was on a train told the passengers “I’m sorry, there could be a calamity, but its my duty to check your tickets. Look at their honesty and sincerity.”

  1. November 2, 2011

    Vakul Kumar More

    Is that for real ? If it’s real…that’s a great example of customer service.

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