Actor Vikram will be Dr Vikram in May

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Popular Tamil-Telugu-Malayalam-Hindi star Vikram will now be Dr Vikram.


The Universita Popolare Degli Studi Di Milano, Italy has chosen Vikram, popularly known as Chiyaan for an honorary doctorate for his excellence in Fine arts (acting). He is the first to be conferred this honour among the Tamil acting fraternity.

One of the reasons cited by the University for this choice is, the variety of roles played by the actor. His acting came to light in the critical and commercial hit film `Sethu’. Other major hits include `Kasi’, `Anniyan’ and `Pithamagan’. He is the recipient of three Filmfare awards and also have won the national award for best Actor (Pithamagan).

The trustees, associated members and board of directors of the varsity have voted on the actor with one voice. This honour would be conferred on the 29th of May, 2011 in Italy as a part of the convocation function of the University.

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