Sonia will not re-admit Jagan, says Chiru

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Source : AP News Live

Chiranjeevi doesn’t think Sonia Gandhi will allow Jagan to come back into Congress Party. In an interview, he said Sonia is against corruption. “I don’t think Soniaji will be open to taking Jagan back into Congress fold. She is completely against corrupt people and Jagan is a classic example of corruption-ridden politics,” he said.

Chiranjeevi also thinks that the Jagan phenomenon is temporary. When asked about the overwhelming support that Jagan seems to be getting everywhere, Chiranjeevi said that Jagan’s corruption may not be in the focus for the people for now, but it will be sooner or later. “Jagan might be projecting the image that he is a hero. But after the expose over his ill-gotten wealth, people will see that he is actually a villain,” Chiranjeevi said.

The party high command suggested that he should go to Rajya Sabha, and if they offered him a berth in the cabinet tomorrow, he will accept it. Chiranjeevi said he was very happy with the way Sonia Gandhi was treating him. “Without clear signals from her, all Congress top leaders would not be coming to my home,” he said.

However, Chiranjeevi does not want to take the entire responsibility to rescue the party from its present imbroglio. “I will work along with other leaders. It would be not correct to blame me alone if anything goes wrong in the next by-elections or later,” he made it clear.

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