The Ultimate BCAA Buying Guide for Beginners

Not sure how to buy the best BCAA in India? Here are some of the features that are important to check out when looking for the best BCAA in India.


Ingredients are what make or break any supplement. Any effective BCAA must have isoleucine, leucine, and valine. Apart from that, you also want it to contain ingredients like L-Citrulline, L-Glutamine, green tea extract and so on.

The Ratio

Ratio too is an important factor when choosing a BCAA and ideal ration is a 2:1:1 ratio of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. Yup, you will find plenty of BCAA’s with a 10:1:1 leucine ratio but 2:1:1 is the ratio that best suits your body.

That is an ample amount for an energy boost and to lower fatigue especially if you happen to weight train more often as they act as fuel to the muscles.


If there is one thing you can do without after a tiring, back-breaking workout, it is a sucky BCAA flavor. After all, a good flavor is one of the reasons that will keep you motivated and add a refreshing touch at the end of your training session. 

Most BCAA’s come in tons of flavors like Green Apple, banana, Watermelon, Grapes etc. which means there are plenty of options to pick and choose from.

Though keep in mind that the flavor is not impacted by the ingredients and vice versa so you can make a choice based purely on personal preferences.

You can also take it in tandem with your whey protein shake (just throw in a couple of scoops for added flavor and energy). But if you happen to take your shakes during or after the workout, it should pretty much still have the same effect.


The BCAA should also have good mixability. Whether you like it with water, juice or even your protein shake, the supplement should mix well but not too early either. Why? That is because it means that the BCAA is not in its purest form.

Powders VS Capsules

If I had to pick I would go with powders every damn time and the reason behind that is because powders mix well and thus are easier to intake. Plus, they also get better absorbed by the body when compared to capsules.

Not to forget, powders offers you a variety of flavors which are sure to tease your taste buds and some zing and yumminess to your everyday boring workout shake.

With capsules, it just gobbling down a few of them down daily, 8-10 to be precise which is quite a mouthful if you ask me. After all, the point of the supplement is to feel nourished, fresh and stronger not like you are on meds.

Some Benefits of taking BCAA’s

  1. Helps lower muscle soreness
  2. It aids the growth of those big guns
  3. You feel less fatigued
  4. It will help retain the muscles you have worked so hard for
  5. Believe it or not, BCAA’s can also help reduce liver problems though it should be taken solely for that purpose.


Well, knowing about the Ratio, mixability etc. will help you make a more informed buying decision and avoid fake and stimulant-loaded BCAA’s so your workout routine never hits a snag ever again.

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